Al Azimah for Technology is specialized in the Defense and Security sectors. We provide logistical support, management of training programs, strategic security consultations and the implementation of military and security projects. Additionally, the company provides professional expertise in the construction management and integration of live‐fire and simulation shooting ranges. We supply weaponry, military ammunition, tactical apparel, accessories, day and night optics and body armor manufactured by the world’s most renowned international companies.

Al Azimah exclusively represents international companies specialized in the counter‐terrorism sector that deliver direct training for Military Agencies and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Furthermore, the company provides the Military and Law Enforcement Agencies with small to medium‐sized armaments and light weight helicopters specialized in border security protection and defense.


International Registration

To achieve the utmost transparency and global credibility Al Azimah is registered with the Anti‐Bribery compliance and risk management organization (TRACE). Moreover, the company is registered in the System for Award Management for the US Federal Government (SAM) and the NATO codification system in addition to the Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS).


Al Azimah International

Al Azimah has projects and activities that expand throughout the MENA region to cover the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Area. The company manages contracts and supervises both governmental and private commercial projects. In addition, Al Azimah is present at major international Military and Security exhibitions.

As a result of the high trust in Al Azimah’s proficient work and the status of the commercial worldwide brands that the company represents, a new registered trade mark  has been created in cooperation with our international partners.
Moreover, in order to pursue and follow up all projects in the MENA region, Al Azimah has set up several on-ground representatives where our international products are widely used by the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and Counter Terrorism Units.

Al Azimah has worked on introducing high quality Chinese products that comply to international standards into the regional market by establishing a new branch “Al Azimah-China” in The Republic of China.


Our Future Vision

Al Azimah is determined to achieve its future vision through the strategy of expansion and development of new projects and activities with the partnership of major US, European and international organizations. The company aims to increase its presence in Military and Law Enforcement markets in the region to provide high quality products, innovative technology and exemplary services at competitive prices.