About Us:


The word Al Azimah in Arabic means the determination & will, which reflects the whole concept beyond our business strategy, implementation and support.

Al Azimah for Technology is a Jordanian based company founded and headquartered in Amman with over two decades of professional background experience in security systems, training facilities, programs and logistics, all of which was blended with the highest technology caliber and engineering experience.

The company provides a tailored array of consulting and critical support services to international organizations, key contractors and multinational companies operating within the Middle East and North Africa region, helping them operate optimally within today’s complex and unpredictable environments.


Al Azimah provides solutions and products for military and law agencies that involves:

  • Basic & Professional Training.
  • Operational & In Action Products, Solutions and Logistics.
  • After Action Review & Improvement Solutions.


With proven solid track in serving our clients throughout the world, Al Azimah has managed with the aid of its highly qualified team of engineers and military experts to attract several major companies and security agencies around the world, serving them with pre-eminent standards and providing them with state of the art and innovative technology products and solutions.

Al Azimah always strives to continuously exceed clients’ expectations through close communication and engagement. It is also committed to garnering a deep understanding of and fulfilling the current and future needs of its clients.